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We give hope.

About us


We at H.O.P.E strive to help

And support those in need

At H.O.P.E our goal is to provide humanitarian help, provisions & essentials to communities and individuals that have no other way of receiving these.

What we do

Currently, our main focus is on Ukraine, as such, the needed services there consist of the following:

  • Evacuation of people from dangerous territories

  • Provision of supplies (food, medicine, shelter, clothes etc...) to those who need it most

Those services are provided by our crew on a daily basis - we are trying to provide humane conditions for people that wouldn't have them otherwise.


Who is helping?

We have volunteers who organize food, drivers, and minivans that help get the provisions to the people in need and evacuate others to safe locations back.


act effectively

Our team is constantly seeking more collaborations with both Ukrainian humanitarian organizations and help from other countries, governments, and companies.


Our location

Currently with HQ located in Germany, our organization is a global organization, that will always assist in the most relevant of places, that currently being Ukraine.

With a world crisis after a world crisis, sadly, there will always be a place for an organization like ours, and so we seek to expand to more countries, locations, and communities.



YourDUDE Francois de Vial

Our mission to help people in Ukraine.

We provide help

Holding together

Our goal is to help communities and individuals that have no other way of receiving it. We are thankful for our partners, who support our work.

Bank account

Erik Schäfer
Sparkasse Südliche Weinstr

IBAN DE14 5485 0010 1700 2528 67


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