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We provide help.

Humanitarian operations, provisions, essentials

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We give HOPE

Our main project now is helping Ukranians

Just a two-day drive away from us, people are suffering from violence and fear. As the war began in Ukraine in february, we were shocked and took action immediately. That was the first step to our charity work. From now on, we fully devote our time and energy to international humanitarian projects to give hope.

Thanks to your support

truck .png

16 Trucks of


aid delivered


 67 People



16 Trucks of


aid delivered


we transported goods worth over 500.000€

last updated 28.12.2022

We are on site in Ukraine to evacuate people out of high risk areas, to transport medicine and the needs of civilians. With our connections to the government, military and hospitals, we are able to provide effective help. Now we need further support from Germany. We are very grateful for the partners, who already work with us.

Project students help

Together we collect donations for people in Ukraine, who need our support.

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Join us and help millions of people receive the support they need to live like you and me.



YourDUDE Francois de Vial

Our mission to help people in Ukraine.

We provide help

Holding together

Our goal is to help communities and individuals that have no other way of receiving it. We are thankful for our partners, who support our work.


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H.O.P.E. e.V
Sparkasse Südliche Weinstr

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